Disposition D.N.C.I. Nº 1009/98

SEEN Law No. 22,802, the resolution of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining N 92 of February 16, 1998, and
That, for better utilization of available resources, it is necessary to stagger over time the range of products covered by the obligations referred to in Resolution seen.
It is convenient immediately submit to such demands on products for household and similar installations, considering that the others will be operated by qualified personnel.
It is convenient to draw up an indicative list of such products to determine the duration of the stage of filing the Affidavit of Compliance.
The postponement of the customs enforcement of safety requirements does not mean that are enforceable in the commercialization stage, and enables appropriate circularization of information to the entities involved.
Components designed to integrate older products will be evaluated during the verification of the latter, except where intended to aftermarket.
It is deemed appropriate to grant to products originating in the island of Tierra del Fuego equal treatment corresponding to those produced in other regions.
That class II devices that have integrated record your body have additional difficulties to adapt it to national rules.
It is necessary to allow the implementation of regulatory conditions that do not estuvieren products to enter the country, through a quick and verifiable procedure.
It is necessary to set a uniform to prepare Affidavits of Compliance, to ensure the reliability of the information provided clear administrative procedure.
It is convenient the participation of provincial agencies who wish to receive Affidavits of Compliance, in order to facilitate the submission to the responsible residing inside the country.
ARTICLE 1. extension, until August 18, 1999 the beginning of validity of the SIC & M. Resolution 92/98 N, for all materials and electrical and electronic equipment designed for use with a voltage less than 50 V. The same treatment will receive those materials and electrical and electronic equipment designed to be used with a rated current exceeding 63 A.
From this date, and during the twelve (12) months, those responsible for marketing in the domestic market must submit to the National Affidavit of Compliance fixing for the first stage, the Resolution.
As of August 18, 2000, the products mentioned are fully incorporated into the scheme established by Resolution 92/98 SIC & M. N, can begin by the second or third stage of implementation.
ARTICLE 2. For the purposes of determining the duration of the first stage of implementation of Resolution SIC & M. N 92/98, taking into account the provisions of the preceding article without payrolls to be exhaustive, the following shall be considered :
a) Electrical Supplies:
– Cables for indoor fixed installations;
– Cables with protective sheathing;
– Pipes, ducts, and all other system cablecanales channeling domestic and similar use, accessories and boxes;
– Manual electrical switches for household and similar facilities;
– Command and control devices for domestic use;
– Outlets and chips household and similar purposes;
– Overcurrent breakers for domestic and similar uses;
– Residual current circuit breakers for domestic and similar uses;
– Keys and switches in air combined with fuses up to 63 A rated current;
– Fuses up to 63 A rated current, suitable for use by unqualified persons;
– Modular electrical panels as standard, up to 63 A rated current;
– Insulating tapes;
– Use electric terminal blocks;
– Grounding materials;
– Capacitors for power factor improvement,
– Electricity meters.
b) Appliances:
– Electrical household appliances;
– Appliances that can be a source of danger to unqualified people, including those intended to operate in public places and in shops;
– Fixtures of any kind;
– Powered portable machine tools up to 20 A rated current;
– Sockets and sockets;
– Incandescent and discharge lamps,
– Additional non-electronic lighting equipment.
c) Electronic Devices:
– Electronic household appliances and the like;
– Computer equipment intended for household and similar uses;
– Electronic equipment for offices, shops and public places,
– Additional electronic lighting equipment.
ARTICLE 3. extension, until 18 September 1998 the application by the DIRECTION “GENERAL OF CUSTOMS Article 4 of Resolution SIC & M. N92 / 98.
Prior to that date, the National Directorate provide the agency a list of exempted products in the first period of application, the scope of the Resolution.
ARTICLE 4. The requirements of SIC & M. Resolution 92/98 N shall not be required to enter the country, for the components to be integrated into a manufacturing process or assembly of a product achieved by the same legal standard.
However, in the case of sale on the domestic market, they must comply with the obligations imposed by the aforementioned regulations.
They receive the same treatment products enter the country under temporary import regimes; baggage, and samples.
ARTICLE 5. The requirements established by Resolution 92/98 SIC & M. N shall not be required for entry to the Argentine mainland of products manufactured in the special customs area created by Law No. 19,640; Argentine origin attesting in accordance with existing provisions under the Act. Yes the aforementioned requirements must be completed for marketing in the domestic market.
ARTICLE 6. All those products marketed and / or enter the country accompanied by an external power supply must meet the requirements of Resolution 92/98 SIC & M. N with respect to the core team, if applicable, and their power supply.
ARTICLE 7. All those electrical appliances of class II insulation, for food that have an integrated body record, will have until August 18, 1999 to comply with the obligation to be marketed using the appropriate tabs to the Standard IRAM 2063.
ARTICLE 8. During the first year of implementation of Resolution SIC & M. N 92/98, in cases where the address “GENERAL OF CUSTOMS check the failure to comply with the requirements thereof, may authorize the issuance the respective goods “without the right to use” that is, operated under the terms of Law No. 22,802, for the purposes of their regularization by the importer.
For that to happen, the importer shall inform the DIRECTION “NATIONAL OF DOMESTIC TRADE, in an affidavit, the amount and type of goods, country of origin and address of the place where it will remain deposited until their regularization.
Within sixty (60) calendar days to withdraw the merchandise in the aforementioned conditions, the importer must have the required documentation, must accredit to the address “N NATIONAL DOMESTIC TRADE, which proceed to lift the intervention of goods within ten (10) calendar days of receiving it.
ARTICLE 9. Affidavit of Compliance referred SIC & M. Resolution 92/98 N shall be filed with the National Directorate in the form of two (2) sections “A” and “B” and four (4 ) pages, which forms part of the hereto as Exhibit I.
The Declaration will be submitted in two (2) originals of each of the sections, one of which shall be kept by the National Directorate and the other, after verification, returned to the presenter properly composed.
It will also be given a matching version recorded on magnetic media, the written, which will bring together in one disk all the statements submitted simultaneously.
Both copies of the “A”, to be submitted only once, will have the signature of the Chairman, President, Managing Partner or legal guardian must certify the same notary public whose involvement should legalize the appropriate professional association.
Copies of the “B” section, by product or product family and once for customs clearance in the case of imported be submitted, should be signed, in addition to the charge indicated, a Technical Manager consists of a registered professional college graduate in a race with incumbencies related to the product covered by the declaration. The validity of the corresponding registration must be certified by the corresponding Professional Association.
ARTICLE 10. invite local authorities to implement the Law N 22,802, dependent on provincial governments to implement reception offices Affidavits of Compliance that the above article refers to.
To facilitate such transaction, the National Directorate provide the necessary information and advice to those organizations that request.
Article 11. Violations of the provisions of this Order shall be punished as provided by Law No. 22,802.
Article 12. This provision shall take effect from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
ARTICLE 13.- communicated, published, submitted to the National Official Registry and filed.
HAND “N D.N.C.I. 1009 N B.O. 08/19/98

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