Disposition D.N.C.I. Nº 34/99

SEEN Law No. 22,802, and WHEREAS:
The decision of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining No. 92 of February 16, 1998, established the starting dates of implementation of the second stage according to the type of product in question.
That during said step is required for product certification mark of conformity or, failing that, the type certification of products made by it.
It is necessary to ensure those responsible for the products reached the appropriate and sufficient to comply with current regulations mechanisms.
Whereas, therefore, it is appropriate to allow the continued marketing in cases where compliance with all the steps are proven conclusively, by its leaders, at their disposal to access the required certification.
That this is issued in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 10 of Resolution of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining No. 524 of August 20, 1998.
Article 1 .- This provision extends to those who manufacture, import, distribute and / or marketing of low voltage electrical equipment within the system established by SIC & M. Resolution No. 92/98, and the date of entry into validity of the second phase have not obtained the relevant certificate product conformity mark required by it, or the type certificate admitted failing.
Article 2 .- Those who are reached by the previous article, and until have the required documentation, will commercialize the respective goods except upon the corresponding presentation to the National Directorate of the Affidavit of product conformity in terms of Provision of the National Directorate of Domestic Trade No. 1009 of August 13, 1998, accompanied by a statement certifying the intervening entity in which realize income from the respective application for certification, in addition to the completion by the responsible the product of all the preliminary steps required to process it.
ARTICLE 3 .- The presentation referred to in the previous article must be made prior to the following dates:
– Electrical installations Components: 18/02/99.
– For home appliances: 18-03 99.
– For electronic devices: 18-05 99.
Article 4 .- The certifying entities authorized to intervene in the present regime, submitted to the National Directorate a monthly report which shall include: certificates issued, possibly suspended or canceled, and the proceedings initiated designed to implement the relevant certificate. This National notify the Directorate General of Customs, under the Federal Administration of Public Revenue, the information mentioned above, in order to proceed to the customs clearance of the respective goods.
ARTICLE 5 .- Violations of this provision shall be punished according to the provisions of Law No. 22,802.
Article 6 .- This provision shall take effect from its publication in the Official Gazette.
ARTICLE 7 .- communicated, published, submitted to the National Official Registry and filed.

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