Disposition D.N.C.I. Nº 822/99

SEEN Resolutions of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining No. 123 of March 3, 1999 and No. 431, of June 28, 1999, and WHEREAS:
SIC & M. That Resolution No. 123/99 provides that, for their participation in the implementation of mandatory certification schemes, testing laboratories must have recognized the effect of the mentioned Secretariat, through the National Directorate.
That same statute instructs the National Constitution of an Evaluation Committee of requests for recognition submitted by the interested parties.
SIC & M. That Resolution No. 431/99 allows the splitting of the committee in one or more Sub-Committees, according to the specific area where they operate entities to evaluate.
Professional background that exhibited by Mr. Franco Gabriel Engineers DiGiacomo and Crespi, Eduardo Flores, Daniel Luppi, Pablo Antonio Massa, Horacio Mazza, Osvaldo Petroni, Julio and Guillermo Suarez Schüchner reveal extensive expertise and experience in the field.
Engineers Luis Bielsa, Ernesto Kerner, Ruben Alfredo Mel Milman and act as advisors within the scope of the National Directorate, participating in the implementation of certification schemes mentioned.
That this is issued under the provisions of Article 2 of the SIC & M. Resolution No. 123/99 and Article 9 of the SIC & M. Resolution No. 431/99.
Article 1 .- hereby appointed to Mr Franco Di Giacomo (ID 8528128), Engineer Gabriel CRESPI (DNI 17,800,212), Engineer Eduardo Flores (ID 8557516), Mr. Daniel LUPPI (LE 4,557,584) Engineer Pablo Antonio MASSA (LE 5,510,758), Engineer Horacio MAZZA (LE 4,358,022), the Engineer Osvaldo PETRONI (DNI13.304.218), the Engineer Julio Schüchner (LE 4,173,299), the Engineer Guillermo Suarez ( ID 8608967), Engineer Luis BIELSA (ID 4745380), Engineer Ernesto KERNER (LE 4,438,105), Engineer Alfredo MEL (LE 4,433,497) and Ruben MILMAN Engineer (LE 4,433,606) to integrate the Evaluation Committee of Testing Laboratories, pursuant to the provisions of SIC & M. Resolution No. 123/99.
Article 2 .- The Evaluation Committee constituted as indicated in the previous article, may I work divided into sub-committees, according to the needs arising from recognition applications received, respecting the number and composition established by Article 9 SIC & M. Resolution No. 431/99.
Article 3 .- This provision, which complements the SIC & M. Resolution No. 431/99, shall take effect from the day of the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
Article 4 .- communicated, published, submitted to the National Official Registry and filed.

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