Disposition D.N.C.I. Nº 1407/98

A standard that reaches all those repetitive imports of electrical goods in the regime established by Resolution No. 92/98-SICYM.
Buenos Aires, 10/27/98 B.O.. 02.11.98
SEEN the resolution of the Secretariat of Industry, Trade and Mining No. 92 of February 16, 1998, and WHEREAS:
That the aforementioned resolution establishes for the first stage of implementation, filing an Affidavit of Compliance with safety requirements, by manufacturers and importers.
That, in the case of imports, the provision of this National No. 1009, of August 13, 1998, provides in Article 9 the mandatory submission of an affidavit Compliance at every opportunity that a clearance is carried out to place these goods.
That there have been cases of repetitive imports generated a considerable volume of documentation submitted demands to be analyzed.
Desirable to establish a simplified mechanism for dealing with such cases, preserving the necessary degree of reliability.
That this is issued in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 10 of Resolution of the Secretariat of Industry, Trade and Mining No. 524 of August 20, 1998.
Article 1 ‘The present provision covers all those repetitive imports of electrical products covered by the regime established by Resolution SIC and M. N ° 92/98, ie those cases where such repetition extends to all its features, including the country of origin, except for the serial numbers and / or codes and the quantities imported.
Article 2 -About electrical products imported under the conditions mentioned in the previous article, may state in the field B5. Data imported consignment corresponding to the Affidavit of Compliance, the expression: “The information contained in this declaration is valid for all imported consignments until …”, then stating a date which shall not be later than the (90) calendar days from the date of submission of the same to the National Directorate of Domestic Trade. In these cases, as well as for domestically produced goods may be omitted information inherent to Serial number and / or code of the product comprendidos.La information on the number of products made by the Declaration of Conformity, shall include the estimated maximum number of units imported in the period indicated.
Article 3 -About choose to take the alternative established by the previous article, submitted to the Directorate General of Customs certified copy of the Affidavit of Compliance filed with the National Directorate of Domestic Trade, as an integral part of the documentation required, since request the customs clearance of such goods within the period specified in the Declaration.
Article 4 -The infringements of the provisions of this Order shall be punished according to the provisions of Law No. 22,802.
Article 5 -The present arrangement shall take effect from her date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
Article 6 -Contact, published, submitted to the National Official Registry and filed.
Hugo R. Polverini.

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