Disposition D.N.C.I. Nº 962/99

SEEN Resolution of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining No. 92 of February 16, 1998, and the layout of this National No. 499, of April 28, 1999, and WHEREAS:
That the aforementioned resolution mandates the submission to the National Directorate of the certifications required by it.
The cited provision establishes an alternative system of presentation for those responsible for products that, having initiated the certification process, they had not yet agreed to it.
Whereas, therefore, the same rule sets a limit on the date of certification applications.
That in order not to hinder the marketing of their products to enter the market and convincingly demonstrate their willingness to comply completing all steps within its power to obtain the required certification, it is appropriate to extend that deadline.
That this is issued in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 10 of Resolution of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining No. 524, of August 20, 1998.
Article 1 .- extension, until March 18, 2000 the deadline set by Article 3 of the Arrangement DNCI No. 499/99, for the submission of applications to the respective Carry out certification procedures that allow access to alternative mechanism provided by that statute.
Article 2 .- This provision shall take effect from today’s date.
Article 3 .- communicated, published, submitted to the National Official Registry and filed.

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