Disposition D.N.C.I. Nº 12/99

SEEN Law No. 22,802, the resolution of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining No. 92 of February 16, 1998, and the disposition of the National Directorate of Domestic Trade No. 1009 of August 13, 1998, and WHEREAS :
It is necessary to confirm by reliable documentation, compliance with the relevant electrical safety standards by the products on which Affidavits of Compliance presented in compliance with the first stage of implementation of Resolution No. 92 SIC & M. / 98.
A thorough examination of the documentation submitted is necessary to ensure its accuracy and correspondence of the product to which it relates.
He said, added to the volume of documentation entering daily, imposes a minimum spend a detailed analysis of each presentation.
That requests for clearance of goods “without the right to use” should be supported by documentation that provides sufficient evidence of critical data Applicant.
That this is issued in exercise of the powers conferred by Article 10 of Resolution of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mining No. 524 of August 20, 1998.
ARTICLE 1 .- The Affidavit of Compliance referred SCIy M. Resolution No. 92/98, completed pursuant to the Arrangement regulates DNCI No 1009/98, shall be submitted to the National Directorate accompanied by documentation that accounts for the tests and / or certificates of conformity that support it, for the purposes of verification.
ARTICLE 2 .- For the purpose of making the receipt of Affidavits of Compliance mentioned in the previous article and form one of the manuscripts submitted, the National Directorate shall have a period of five (5) working days for verification. Within the course of that period will be awarded to the person presenting an original duly intervened in order to enable it to dispose of the goods.
Article 3 .- would replace Article 8 of the Provision DNCI No 1009/98 by the following: “Article 8 ° .- During the first year of the SIC & M. Resolution No. 92/98, in cases where the Directorate General of Customs to verify the lack of compliance the requirements thereof, may authorize the issuance of the respective goods “without the right to use” that is, operated under the terms of Law No. 22,802, for the purposes of their regularization by the importer. ” “For this to happen, the importer shall inform an affidavit, accompanying the presentation of the” A “referred to in Article 9 of the present is concerned, the amount and type of goods to be imported, their country of origin, the address of the place where it will remain deposited until their regularization, in what would be the same, and the name and address of the relevant institution if required or certification tests. ” “Within sixty (60) days of withdrawal the goods in the aforementioned conditions, the importer must have the required documentation, must accredit before the National Directorate accompanying it a copy of the presentation mentioned previously operated properly, complied that this dependence will proceed to inspect and, if applicable, to lift the intervention within ten (10) calendar days. After this deadline without receiving notification otherwise, the controller may have the goods. ”
Article 4 .- Violations of the provisions of this Order shall be punished according to the provisions of Law No. 22,802.
ARTICLE 5 .- This provision shall take effect from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
Article 6 .- communicated, published, submitted to the National Official Registry and filed.

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